Botanical Facials

Beautiful luxurious facials using results driven, premium certified, organic botanicals.  Plant-powered skincare capable of healing damaged skin, restoring optimum dermal nutrition and promoting naturally beautiful, radiant skin, using skincare that actually cares for you skin.


A woman's brow has the power to make her look soft, open and beautiful or hard and unapproachable.  
Which would you choose?

In store skincare & beauty products


Beautiful smooth summery skin - Waxing or delicious Sugaring!

It is time to look after you.....

Time to fill your own cup........or skin bathing bowl

Your friendly and professional, one on one beauty therapy studio...

Karen at Flourish will offer you supportive guidance on beauty and skincare treatments that will be beneficial to you and enhance your looks, long term .

Skincare Products

The only supplier of the TrueBrow™ Collection in the Bay, plus we have LOTS of delicious Pure Fiji Bath and Bodycare & The Exquisite Janesce Organic Skincare.  

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