Beautiful Natural Brows

The beauty and flow of an elegantly designed, natural soft brow is timeless, much like the little black dress!

Your brows have the power to softly define your features, opening up your eyes and allowing you to look years younger with the lift that can be created. If you have compromised brows through over-tweezing or incorrect waxing this can often be restored allowing you to enjoy beautiful brows that you can be proud of again.

Don't despair if you have some form of cosmetic tattooing, as improvements to the appearance of your tattoo/microblading is also be possible. These quick fix fads are often really unnatural to the eye, so even if it seems like an easy fix for your brows at the time it's not usually the best option long term.

Book in for a Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Session to see what's possible for your brows!

The TrueBrow™ Starter Package is the best way to begin your new TrueBrow™ journey.  Your commitment to your brows are maintenance sessions at 2 weekly intervals (unless your TrueBrow™ Specialist recommends otherwise) which will allow us to precisely maintain them, and enable you to showcase your beautiful natural brows with your TrueBrow™ Collection, all day, everyday....Perfect!

Cancellation & No-Show Policy

We all get busy, and I understand that special circumstances are unavoidable and cancellation of your appointment may be necessary. If you find yourself unable to keep an appointment, I kindly request 48 hours’ notice. This courtesy enables me to schedule another client in this time. If 48 hours notice isn’t given, there will be a charge of 50% of your appointment cost. If you simply do not show up, you will incur a fee equivalent to 100% of the booked appointment.

As cancellations and ‘no shows’ have a significant impact on me, I need to enforce my cancellation policy and trust you understand and support my need to do so.

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