Could this be the best kept secret for natural brow beauty?

Would you love beautiful natural brows!

I just adore the flow of an elegantly designed, soft, feminine brow and want, with a passion, to bring back and embrace our own natural brows, but just beautifully designed!

Brows should be softly defining our features, opening up and defining our eyes and even making you look years younger.

I also love to correct or restore brows that have been compromised by over-tweezing and waxing and help give you back brows that you can be proud of.

The TrueBrow™ Starter Package is our most popular way of beginning a new brow journey with us, as it allows you to continue enjoying your beautiful new brows everyday. Your commitment to your brow goals are consistent maintenance sessions at 2 weekly intervals. This will allow me to precisely maintain your brows and enable you to showcase your beautiful natural brows, all day, everyday.

Don't despair if you have some form of cosmetic tattooing.  Help to improve the appearance of your tattoo/microblading etc can also be possible. These quick fix fads are often really unnatural to the eye, even if it seems like an easy fix for your brows at the time.

This is not a quick simple brow wax & tint, that's not what I offer - TrueBrow™ is a premium brow treatment for those who desire the most beautiful natural brows.

Any type of cosmetic tattooing/microblading, etc has the possibility of compromising the skin and the natural potential of your brows! Why not see what is possible naturally first?

Your first appointment is your in-depth inital consultation and your design involving advanced colour enhancement techniques, advanced precision trimming & tweezing and hot wax or sugar application to shape the perfect brow for you, using our unique TrueBrow™ design principles. It is these meticulous principals which set TrueBrow™ Specialists apart.

Intricate and involved freehand art takes time, but you're ooooh so worth it!

Your TrueBrow™ Collection comes in 3 natural colours and will give you beautifully soft, feminine, definition. A wonderful three piece collection to have your brows exuding absolute perfection

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