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O Facials
for Next Level Skin

O Cosmedics has a devoted cult following of all ages! It is an environmentally conscious, results-driven, medical strength skincare range, using the highest recommended dose of active ingredients, to ensure the best outcome for your skin, whatever your concern is.

This phenomenal range is Cruelty-Free, Gluten and Vegan Friendly with No Nasties. O Cosmedics is formulated with potent, active ingredients in their purest form. With a focus on functional, results-driven actives in their highest recommended dose, to ensure only the best outcome for your skin. O Cosmedics treats skin with vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, and active ingredients, set in biomimetic bases, to accelerate healing and rejuvenation.

Using the purest combination of medical grade ingredients, cosmetic science, and their very own world-exclusive V8 Peptide Complex®, O Cosmedics is designed with three things in mind: Treating the five major causes of ageing (Collagen Breakdown, Inflammation, Glycation, Oxidation, and Photo Defence); using Biomimetic technology (effective delivery of functional actives in the skin) and the Principles of Corneotherapy (being kind to your skin).


Pomp-kin Enzyme Peel

The gentlest peel for all skin types including sensitive skin, to renew and boost hydration. Pomegranate or Pumpkin enzymes are gentle yet effective and will remove redundant surface cells, leaving you with fresher, glowing skin.  For all skins especially sun-damaged, aging, and uneven skin tones,  Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and treatment peel tailored for you and finished with treatment hydrators and Alginate Mask  -  $150


Oxygenating Enzyme Peel Facial

This natural fruit peel with papaya, pumpkin, and pomegranate enzymes in one offers intense oxygenation and moisturising peptides which will help to hydrate and plump the skin. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, oxygenating peel, alginate mask,   finished with treatment hydrators.

Lovely date night treatment!    -  $150

Bio-White Peptide Peel Facial

This high-strength Vitamin C and peptide peel is especially incredible for pigmented, dull, and uneven skin tones. This powerful peel will protect collagen and elastin while brightening and whitening pigmentation. Includes deep cleansing,  exfoliation,  brightening peel, brightening alginate mask, finished with treatment serums and hydrators  -  $165


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