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Holistic Facials
for Glowing Skin

Float away on a rich, sensory experience of pure plant-based mists, herbal steam compresses, delicious enzymes & restorative healing masks.

Stress melts away as you are soothed with touch, allowing yourself to relax, whilst I take great care of you and your skin. Close your eyes and take in all the benefits of this deeply relaxing time out, as the incredible healing botanical tinctures are absorbed into your skin and soul.  You can zone out with the beautiful fragrant oils, delightful floral steam, hot aroma compresses, and gorgeous relaxing massage.

These are beautiful luxurious facials using results-driven, premium certified, organic botanicals. Plant-powered skincare that actually cares for your skin and is capable of healing damaged skin, restoring optimum dermal nutrition, and promoting a naturally beautiful, radiant glow.



A nourishing and restorative skin treat delivering much-needed skin essentials. Includes a beautiful cleanse of the face, neck and decolletage, skin polish, then a divine hydrating mask with an arm and hand massage, to quickly give you a beautifully hydrated fresh complexion.   (35 mins)



A healing and calming skin treatment for congested,  acneic skins using healing herbal infusions, steam, extractions and a soothing & purifying mask.



A+ for INSTANT GLOW.  Feel like you have just had a little holiday with a beautiful botanical facial. Enjoy the thorough Janesce cleanse, refreshing hydrating mists, rich serums, and herbal-infused steam to hydrate and oxygenate your skin. This is followed by a lush hand-mixed mask and relaxing massage of face, neck, decolletage, using lashings of highly hydrating ingredients that your skin will love.  


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