Gentle sugar gel hair removal for those sensitive areas!

Would you love a quick, effective and clean finish for your Brazilian? Our sugar gel washes off with water!

Sugar gel is a fast, gentle on the skin, natural solution to waxing those delicate areas and it smells soooo sweet!

Instead of traditional wax, I can use an organic manuka-based sugar gel which is applied with a spatula rather than the old hand method. I find clients, more often than not, prefer this over the hand method for speed and easiness.

Using this sugaring gel causes less disruption to the upper layers of the skin than traditional waxing, so you will experience less ingrown hairs, as well as less redness and fewer bumps after treatment.

This water-soluble sugar gel rinses off clean, leaving very little sticky residue behind. Sugaring is a progressive treatment that encourages hair to grow back softer and finer. So what's not to love!

No more shaving rash – only soft, smooth, beautiful skin!

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