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Welcome to Flourish – a private, boutique Brow & Beauty studio here in beautiful Tauranga where you can relax and feel at home - not worry about whether you are together enough/pretty enough to be there - you can just be yourself, feel safe, cared about and just enjoy your treatment time.

Specialising in Natural Brow Design & Sugar Gel Brazilians

Stockist of Janesce Skincare & Pure Fiji Bodycare

Have your brows shaped and defined to soft, elegant perfection.

Divine facial treatments and homecare rituals. 

Look younger and fresher, naturally...

Enjoy your lovely Summer wardrobe with beautifully smooth, glowing skin.

Janesce Dried Rose Petals
Be Good To Your Skin
Janesce Solutions Range
Facial Massage
The TrueBrow™ Collection
Janesce Facial Mask Treatment
Janesce Hydrate & Glow Pack
Facial Resculpting Treatment
Janesce Skincare
Janesce Facial
Janesce Skincare
Facial Mask Treatment
Sugaring Gel
Don't be a prickly pineapple ;)
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