Microcurrent Facial Sculpting

Imagine looking five years younger!

Also called a Non-Surgical Facelift or Lunchtime Facelift, Flourish is the first beauty clinic in NZ to have this incredible machine available, to offer you this very popular firming and lifting facial treatment.

It is an advanced clinical true microcurrent machine, which intensively stimulates facial muscles, resulting in an uplifted, more youthful-looking appearance.

It is safe, non-invasive and pain free. You won't feel anything other than maybe a slight tingling sensation occasionally or a slight taste in your mouth, and is actually very relaxing.

This fabulous clinical treatment really kickstarts the skin, positively impacting overall skin health, making it a very effective tool against the signs of skin ageing.

Microcurrent also helps to  decrease puffiness, reduces fine lines and brightens the skin overall.  Furthermore, it will also improve the appearance of devitalised, slow-to-heal skin and restore your glow.  

Truly lasting healthy skin starts from within, which is why I help you to achieve optimum results by pairing this treatment with Bestow Beauty Skin Nutrition products. Created by New Zealand’s leading dermo-nutritionist Janine Tait, Bestow Beauty is the sister company of Janesce Skincare (used in my therapeutic facials) and are designed to nourish and purify your skin from the inside out.

As a qualified Janesce Therapist, I have been trained in Bestow Beauty skin nutrition and will personally select the right Bestow Beauty products to address your specific skin concerns and needs.

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