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Plant Powered Massage-based Facials

Sssshhhhh.......... sometimes, you just need some peace and quiet.....

The lights are dimmed and the soothing aroma of essential oils surround you. Float away on a sensory experience of pure plant-based mists, herbal steam compresses, exfoliating enzymes, and restorative healing masks. Let nature’s plant actives rejuvenate and heal your skin and let the rest just heal your soul..

Stress just melts away as you are soothed with massage. Absorb the peace, the quiet, and the incredible healing botanical tinctures into your skin and soul.  Your skin glows with health and vitality through beauty rituals for self-nurture and care. My goal is for you to leave feeling centred, calm, restored and glowing.

My bespoke facials are individually tailored for your specific skin concerns and needs, and I will recommend the best products for your personal ongoing use and care. These lush therapeutic facials are a holistic experience, so I will also assist you in making some positive changes to your diet, lifestyle and skincare routine if it would be helpful for you, to help support your skin’s overall health.

Not any ordinary facial… A Janesce Facial uses the power of carefully selected plant actives to bring about desirable skin changes and improved dermal health naturally.

Janesce Skincare founded in 1986 by Jan Sarre-Smith, a naturopathic doctor known for healing skin disorders, Janesce is holistic and organic skin medicine formulated with a deep respect, understanding and love of Mother Nature’s many gifts. For almost four decades, in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, Claret Ash Farm has been the home of Janesce. There, the certified organic soil gives life to an abundance of bio-dynamically grown plants, herbs and flowers each harvested for use in Janesce products.

Created on-site, Janesce plant extracts are left to mature for several years into exquisite herbal elixirs. These elixirs serve as the foundations of each unique nutrient-rich Master Blend, which forms the basis for each unique Janesce product. The end result?  Plant-powered skincare capable of healing damaged skin, restoring optimum dermal nutrition, and promoting naturally beautiful, radiant skin.

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