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Sugar Gel
Hair Removal Treatments

Sugar gel is a fast, natural solution to waxing those delicate areas.

I specialise in Brazilian waxing and love using sugar gel as it's gentler on the skin than regular wax and gives you a quick, effective, and hygienically clean finish.  The sugar gel residue washes off with water, leaving you feeling fresh, clean, and not sticky!

I use a Manuka honey sugar gel, that is water soluble and applied with a spatula rather than by hand. My clients prefer this for speed and easiness. Throughout this treatment, your care, safety, and comfort are always most important to me, and you will appreciate the care and attention to detail.

Sugaring gel is also less irritating on the skin than regular wax , so you should, over time and with regular treatment, experience fewer ingrown hairs, as well as less redness or bumps afterwards.  It also encourages the hair to grow back softer and finer.
Consistency with aftercare is essential and will be recommended to you so that you achieve the best results.

No more shaving rash – only soft, beautiful skin!

Natural, water-soluble golden sugar,  for beautifully smooth skin.





 BROW TIDY / $35

 & BROW TINT / $50

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