TrueBrow™     Natural Brow Design

The beauty and flow of an elegantly designed, natural, soft brow is timeless.


Brows have the power to softly define your features, opening up your eyes and allowing you to look years younger with the lift that can be created. If you have unfortunately found that your brows have faded and are no longer doing you justice, through over-tweezing or through incorrect waxing, or just age and inattention, this can, more often than not, be restored, allowing you to have beautiful brows that you can be proud of again. Don't despair if you succumbed to tattoo or microblading, as improvements to its appearance can also be possible.

The TrueBrow™ Starter Package is the best way to begin your new TrueBrow™ journey.  Your brows are maintained at 2 weekly intervals (occasionally I recommend longer) which will allow us to precisely design them, and enable you to show off your beautiful natural brows with your TrueBrow™ Collection, all day, every day....Perfect!

Book in for a Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Session to see what's possible for your brows!


This is your first design appointment after your Complimentary Discovery Session.



Take advantage of our

TRUEBROW™ STARTER PACKAGE at $175 (saving $60)

This package includes -
* Your complimentary consultation session

* Your Initial Design appointment ($80)

* Your next maintenance at 2 weeks ($45)

* Plus your ownTrueBrow™ Collection Kit ($110)‍



  2 Weekly / $45

  3 - 4 Weekly / $50

  5 - 6 Weekly / $60

  Over 6 weeks is a re-design price of $80


The Collection 1.jpg

The TrueBrow™ Collection formulated by Elle Wilson, the creator of TrueBrow™, is absolutely perfect for easily creating the softest, most beautiful brows whether you prefer a bold or delicate look.  

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