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TrueBrow™     Natural Brow Design

This is a premium eyebrow treatment for anyone who wishes to have the most beautiful natural brows!

​Brows have incredible power to change how we look. They define our features, open up our eyes, and give lift, definition, softness, intensity, and drama to our faces, which is just missing without them.


With TrueBrow™ I can help to improve the look of anyone's brows, whether they are too thin, too thick, disappearing, crazy curly and long, ...whatever,  they can look amazing with a bit of time and effort spent towards a beautiful design, and just a tiny perfecting touch of TrueBrow™ Collection! 

You may have given in to microblading or tattooing with the latest ombre brows,  but even then improvements to their appearance can often be possible with the New Premium Brow Treatment specifically for ladies who have had these types of treatment and are looking to find some kind of solution to how they look - (please ask for details if this is you)

How is TrueBrow™ different? What do you do?

This is not a quick 15 minute service. It is a thoughtful, methodical and quiet treatment. I do not use any form of tattooing,  serums, or extensions,  what I do is quietly work with the brow as it is naturally, to find its own potential. I have trained extensively in how to find softness within the brow, and how to create flowing, beautiful natural brows. It is very precise, clean work, moving hair by hair to design the brow to perfection.  Often there is a lot of repairing needed, which takes time, but is very rewarding.  

Your first appointment is your TrueBrow  Consultation to find out what is possible for your brows. This is so we can move forward in your brow journey with a clear plan.  I then book you in to have your brows designed, with the expected commitment to have them maintained at 2 weekly intervals (occasionally I recommend 3 weekly) This allows me to precisely care for them, and enable you to develop beautiful, natural brows that you can further enhance, either gently or boldly, with your TrueBrow™ Collection, to make them just perfect!  

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